At the Heart of the Matter: Using Functional Medicine to Heal Vessels on Fire

Cardiovascular disease continues to be the number one killer of US men and women, claiming a life every 60 seconds. Traditional risk factors explain about 50% of the events. However, it is well-known that lifestyle intervention may prevent up to 80% of cardiac disease. Reliance on flawed scientific studies and one-sizefits- all preventive strategies led to the overutilization of medications and procedures and a continued rise in cardiac disease. This session will enable practitioners to learn integrative cardiology protocols including the use of personalized genomic assessments and novel risk markers to address vascular inflammation, improve heart health and wellness, and redefine cardiovascular disease trajectory.

Delve into these valuable objectives:

  • Define the scope of the problem and the root causes driving vascular disease, such as inflammation, oxidative stress, and autoimmunity
  • Learn how a functional medicine approach is uniquely suited to address vascular disease through personalized genomic and lifestyle interventions
  • Refine your knowledge and put it into practice through the study of several case scenarios

Dr. Regina Druz is board-certified in cardiovascular disease and internal medicine with subspecialty certifications in nuclear cardiology, adult echocardiography, and cardiac-computed tomography. She is an expert in cardiac imaging with a long-standing interest in cardiac disease prevention and integrating changes to lifestyle into cardiac care. A graduate of the Weill Cornell Medical College, Dr. Druz completed her residency and cardiology fellowship training at the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in New York. She completed her fellowship in cardiometabolic disease under Dr. Mark Houston and is finishing her certification in functional medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine. Her professional dream is to integrate functional medicine into the care of every cardiac patient. Dr. Druz created an integrative cardiology program called Fit in Your Genes™ (functional and integrative therapies based on genome, environment, nutrition, exercise, and supplements). The program is founded on leading-edge functional medicine approaches to heart and vascular disease. Following the success of this program at her center, Dr. Druz founded Holistic Heart Centers of America, a practice development platform and telemedicine solution to enable practitioners at any level to practice functional cardiovascular medicine.

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