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Orlando 2017

Frederick T. Sutter, MD, MBA

Safe Solutions for Musculoskeletal Challenges

Are you totally confident in your ability to differentiate among the SynovX® formulas in order to choose the most effective for any specific patient case? Dr. Sutter has vast experience using all of the SynovX formulas with patients who need particular musculoskeletal support, including the re-establishment of cytokine and eicosanoid balance. He knows what works to restore comfort and function, and thanks to Dr. Sutter’s dynamic presentation skills, his knowledge will soon be yours too!


Dr. Sutter is board-certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation (physiatry). He received his medical degree from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, completed a residency at the University of Pennsylvania, earned his MBA in health sciences from Johns Hopkins University, and is an AFMCP graduate. Dr. Sutter is the medical director of the Center for Wellness Medicine in Annapolis, MD, and the managing partner for Lifestyle Medicine Consultants, Inc. For over 15 years, Dr. Sutter has been blending orthopedic medicine, lifestyle medicine, and functional medicine to optimize the well-being of his patients. An avid athlete, he is renowned for his health-promotion philosophy. He recently authored the chapter “Surgery: Nutrient Therapies to Optimize Outcomes” in the book Advancing Medicine with Food and Nutrients, 2nd edition.

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